The trouble with bad hookup sites

Usually, when people think about hookup sites, they only think about the positives.  I really can’t say I blame them.  After all, for the longest time, it was quite difficult for a typical normal-looking dude with a normal amount of income and normal intelligence to get laid.  I wish I can beat around the bush and tell you that it was otherwise, but that is the reality of the situation.  It seemed that for the longest time, the whole idea of getting lucky with the ladies is strictly something that happened with guys that look like Brad Pitt or had the money of Bill Gates.  Well, thanks to the Internet, this is no longer a problem.

The trouble with bad hookup sites - Other Sex

The online dating world has been turned upside down by the trend towards hookup websites like localsexhookup.  These are websites that dispense with the bullshit.  There’s none of that how do you do, tell me amount your interests, what are your hobbies and tell me about your childhood – that kind of bullshit.  These websites are about one thing and one thing alone.  I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Make no mistake about it.  Hookup sites definitely changed the game.  The problem is there’re just too many bad websites built or marketed in this category.  The truth is most of these websites don’t really hook you up with anyone.  How can they?  Most of the profiles there are fake.  If you don’t believe me, look at the profiles.  In many cases, they use picture of celebrities or worse, porn stars.  You’re not going to hook up in that kind of context.

The second thing you need to watch out for is that there are some real people there, but the last thing in their mind is to hook up with you.   The first thing in their mind, of course, is to trick you into spending your hard-earned money on websites you could care less about.  Finally, a lot of these websites have too many guys and not enough girls.

Pay attention to the factors listed above because they separate good hookup sites from adult dating sites that you should be joining.  Know the difference and you will achieve your objective.  Ignore the difference and you will fail again and again.



The trouble with bad hookup sites - Other Sex
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