The Top Way To Hookup Online Without Getting Caught

In a day and age of privacy issues, being a part of the hookup community is riskier than ever. Sure, technology has spawned more hookups than the world has ever seen. But at the same time, it’s also been the reason for a lot of grief.

The Top Way To Hookup Online Without Getting Caught - Other Sex

For example, no one wants their wife to find out they are fucking a local waitress hottie. But it’s happened because text messages and phone calls leave imprints for years. Yep, all it takes is a TMobile hack and all your dirty text messages are hanging out for the entire world to see (your wife included).

That’s why I recommend sites like Fuck Book. With Fuck Book, you can leverage their proprietary messaging technology that doesn’t save to any servers and maintains your discreet being.

When you use your iPhone to message local singles, you leave a trail you can never get rid of. Sites like Fuck Book stop data saving cold in its track, so you’ll never be exposed to true risk.

Better more, you’ll easily meet girls who are down for all the same things you are. Who wants to let a computer program find a match for them? Who cares if she enjoys hiking and long walks?

In the end, you need to know that you are attracted to her and her to you and that you both are down to fuck. That means joining a community that legitimately approaches the issue at hand. Sure, you fill out a few details about yourself on Fuck Book, but you don’t end up BSing with some long form about your favorite colors and where you see yourself in 10 years. This isn’t a retirement plan, it’s a fuck plan. And its custom for you.

My advice?

Stop dumpster diving in mainstream dating sites. Find a solid, reputable adult dating site that gets down to business. Life is too short for BS.

The Top Way To Hookup Online Without Getting Caught - Other Sex

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