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Technology in the adult industry

A Cybercrime is a fraudulent action that repeatedly occurs in digital media, such as the internet. It is very common in computers and cell phones, or everything that has to do with the internet. First of all, I must tell you that anyone who uses the Internet frequently may be able to commit one of these crimes even without realizing it.

They are not equally punished in all regions but many actions can incur this type of crime, for example, just downloading a copyrighted program or song without even paying or without the consent of the author you can incur this crime.

These are usually specific crimes that consist of a single act such as the aforementioned piracy or even the spread of viruses and identity theft. Although these when committing them often become a more serious crime passing to the type of recurring crimes suitable for cybercrime, in these we also find excess piracy or some case in which identities are impersonated to commit any illegal activity, and even harassment.

Unfortunately, even the most innocent can commit this type of crime since the computer world is so big that you may not know that what you are doing is penalized. That is why I will explain to you how these crimes are carried out so that you get away from them.

I will explain how these types of crimes are understood by the law, so that you know well how they work and know what you must do to avoid this type of cybercrime can also be considered as a cybercrime.

To commit this type of crime, it is necessary to use a medium, this medium is nothing more than the computer medium, and it includes all computer and communication devices such as cell phones, computers, etc.

And those whose motive is to cause losses, theft, damage or any act that affects the integrity of information or any computer system are punished. Such acts, sharing malware or stealing identities are common.

These are normally defined as atypical behaviors of people who usually use computers or these devices, these atypical behaviors tend to be what should not be done in the networks, as an example are all the acts mentioned above.

Computer crimes recognized by the United Nations Organization

These are the three crimes that the UN recognizes as computer fraud or well called cybercrime.

Frauds committed by use of computer equipment: These are all those crimes that contemplate the theft of data or identity theft, all of these fall under the field of input data. Modifying or manipulating computer programs or systems without consent to carry out illegal purposes.

The manipulation of data or output information or the modification and assembly of false cards, for example for claims to ATMs, and finally the manipulation of information in computer systems.

Manipulation of input data: This happens when third party information data is digitally altered in computer systems, an example of this is the falsification of any type of file or legal document using a computer system.

Damage or modification of computerized programs or data: These consist of computer sabotage, which includes the usurpation, damage, elimination or modification of any data or file of a computer system that obstructs or hinders any process or operation of said system. Unauthorized access to these systems also enters, which consists, as its name indicates, in accessing third-party computer systems without permission, either for espionage, prying or sabotaging.

These laws have been proposed to protect the integrity of information in these systems or technologies, and also to prevent and punish crimes that have been committed against said computer systems or in the components of these systems, including those crimes that have been committed in the use of such systems.

Technology in the adult industry - Other Sex

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Technology in the adult industry - Other Sex

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